What We Do

Having worked at a variety of colleges and universities, we deeply understand the current landscape of higher education and bring an awareness of and sensitivity to global and local challenges that institutions face.

We also know that institutions genuinely want to improve their programs and policies and to stay aligned with best practices in higher education, but time and available capacity among key individuals often serve as obstacles to these efforts. We can help your institution move past these roadblocks on a range of projects, including:

–Assessing your current student evaluation form and/or adopting a new student evaluation form that aligns with current research on effectiveness and bias mitigation

–Aligning teaching strategies at your institution with student success initiatives

–Strategic planning that is aligned with the institution’s mission/values and that prioritizes shared governance

–Assisting with the development and execution of multi-year institutional initiatives required by accrediting agencies (such as Quality Enhancement Plans for SACSCOC)

–Establishing or rebooting a center for teaching and learning

–Re-examining, revamping, and reforming writing programs and writing centers

–Re-examining, revamping, and reforming General Education programs

–Exploring and implementing grading reform initiatives

–And more…

How It Works

We offer four levels of support, which can be utilized independently (one stage only), sequentially (more than one), or comprehensively (all four):

Stage 1: We start by getting the lay of land to understand the institutional goals and underlying values across all relevant stakeholders. Using a variety of research methodologies, and working collaboratively to honor the expertise of your faculty, students, staff, and administrators, we build consensus about what success looks like. We write an overview that captures what we learn during this process and makes recommendations for next steps.

Stage 2: Moving forward, we provide an actionable solution specific to your institution, drawing upon the latest available knowledge, and deliver full-scope action plans including benchmarks to track progress against the goals identified in Stage 1.

Stage 3: We help to get the ball rolling by working with you to implement the initial pieces of the action plan and track progress on an agreed-upon number of benchmarks. We write a brief outlining this progress and reiterating next steps.

Stage 4: We help with the implementation of the entire plan, measure the progress on the benchmarks, and create a final report analyzing the data, outlining the lessons learned, and mapping out possible future directions.

When necessary, we will also contract with partner-consultants who are experts in these areas to bring you the best results possible.

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